The federal cabinet has approved the summary of the increase in salaries of employees

 The pay hike will come into effect from March, the basic pay of Grade 1 to 19 employees will be increased, the salaries of Grade 21 to 22 employees will be increased in the budget.

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Cabinet has approved the summary of the increase in salaries of employees. The increase in salaries will be effective from March. It was agreed to increase the salaries of employees of Grade 21 to 22 in the budget. According to a meeting of the Federal Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, a summary of the increase in salaries of government employees under the federation has been approved.
On this occasion, some ministers opposed the increase in the salaries of government employees. He said that an immediate increase in the salaries of employees would increase the burden on the exchequer. It was informed in the briefing on the increase in salaries that the increase in salaries would cost Rs 21 billion annually. The gap in the salaries of government employees is being reduced in light of the recommendations of the Pay and Pension Commission.
The basic salaries of federal employees in grades one to 19 and the salaries of employees in grades 21 to 22 will be increased in the budget. The summary said that employees of 17 federal agencies like PM Secretariat, NAB, Supreme Court, Parliament, and others would not be able to benefit from the increase. In addition, there was a lengthy discussion in the Federal Cabinet meeting regarding the Senate elections. Ministers related to Yousuf Raza Gilani in the meeting said that Yousuf Raza Gilani has been convicted and has been disqualified before.
While Hafeez Sheikh is the right choice, there is no case against him. The Prime Minister has given the task to the ministers to ensure the victory of Hafeez Sheikh. Ministers should remain active for government candidates till the Senate elections. Each minister has taken the responsibility of soliciting votes based on the relationship. Government members will also contact opposition members for voting. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that unfortunately, an incompetent person is contesting the Senate election. All party workers should pay attention to the Senate elections. Senate elections in PTI will succeed. 


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