The man who buried the entire Pakistani cricket team

Today we will tell you the story of this West Indies player who made the whole Pakistani team dance to the beat - I hope you will not be like the Indian nation who only likes their praise but inside you You will also be encouraged to listen to criticism and show good support
Friends, we are talking to you when Imran Khan said goodbye to the captaincy after winning the World Cup and set out to complete a huge project like Shaukat Khanum - sometimes it would feel like that. The crisis of captaincy has now arisen - so this crisis was soon overcome 
The West Indies team was a very good team until the 5th and it put every team ahead like Australia - Imran Khan says he only enjoyed playing against the West Indies team the most because he was very good. They used to give tough time
 In this match too, Phil Simmons took 4 wickets for just 3 runs in his allotted ten overs and these 4 wickets were very important wickets in which first Phil bowled Aamir Sohail and then Asif Mujtaba who bowled very much. There was a good middle order - then Phil knocked out Saleem Malik and then made Javed Miandad his last target.
Friends, in this match, our entire team managed to score a total of 81 runs which was made after playing 48 overs. Friends, not only this, once in Sharjah, the Pakistani team suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the West Indies team. Our entire team was bowled out for 43 runs - Friends, there is nothing to worry about because the Pakistani team itself has taken out funerals of teams like West Indies and Australia many times which we will definitely share with you in the days to come. Will do

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